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Submitted by admin on Fri, 09/24/2010 - 09:27

Email marketing tools can be used for many purposes and is an excellent channel for reaching out to people who want to hear what you have to say. We’ve compiled a list of what we deem to be the top 10 ways to use email marketing tools.

Top 10 Ways to Use Email Marketing Tools

1. Inform contacts of your brand. Think nobody reads newsletters? Think again. A well-written email newsletter can boost your brand reputation faster than you can say "online business journal." No matter how archaic and unsexy they seem, newsletters have gotten a facelift recently and look more sylish than ever. Beyond the simple white page and black text, email newsletter templates now look much more like online/print magazines and newspapers that can feature eye-catching images and smartly-placed ads. So, start creating and sending the good ol' newsletter with email marketing software.

2. Hype new products, services or tools. If I told you that there's a cool new product that can help you save time and money, would you be interested? Realistically, everyone would be interested. They simply need an opportunity to get hooked. That's why email marketing is so important–because people can get hooked just by seeing your subject line in their inboxes. With email marketing tools, you have a much greater chance of getting people interested in the products and services you've got to offer.

3. Invite people to your events. Email marketing tools not only lets you track the status of sent invitations, it also allows you to set up follow-up emails or auto-responders that can be sent to remind recipients to RSVP or to notify them of event changes.

4. Distribute exclusive promotions. Everybody likes coupons–especially non-paper coupons that don't need to be stuffed into your pocket and forgotten about. Send email advertisements with coupon codes that can be used on your site or in-person at a physical location. Encourage customers to sign up for an account with your business or to opt-in to your mailing list in exchange for special offers or promotions that can keep them coming back.

5. Generate interest in and clicks to your web site(s). Email marketing tools are imperative for e-commerce retailers and affiliate marketers looking to drive traffic to their websites and their affiliates' websites. Keep people clicking with hypertext links, image links and teasers that will lead them to the right page, product or piece of information they're looking for.

6. Identify trends. A penny for your thoughts? If you own a business, you might pay quite a bit more than a penny for market research. With email marketing tools, you can easily send survey emails to contacts and receive valuable feedback.

7. Start trends. It's all about "viral" emails these days. So, if you've got a cool video, podcast, image, commercial or add you want people to check out, then just embed it in an email and blast it out to your contacts with your email marketing solution. Also, if you own a bar, club or other type of venue, you can easily email details of upcoming shows, parties and events. If you're a group or organization, and you want as many people at your event as possible, then use email marketing software to add a "Forward to a friend" button on your emails. Send flyers, discounts and info about super secret shows with to your email newsletter list, and watch them spread like wildfire.

8. Answer common questions. Have you ever responded fifty times to the same question? Businesses often receive tons of feedback messages, many of which are inquiring about the same topic or seeking an answer to a common question. These people often don't want to have to hunt for answers. Email marketing eliminates both customers' time and frustration and businesses' time and hassle responding to common inquiries. Try discussing solutions to common customer problems in your email newsletters. You can even create an ongoing email series to address specific issues.

9. Network with colleagues. Online networking is now more popular than ever and has also proven to be a useful business tool. Email newsletters can be a great way to keep your colleagues and friends updated on your current projects. If your contacts find your newsletter interesting, they might forward your email to friends and/or higher-ups who might keep you in mind for a job or project in the future.

10. Manage your job search/applications. You've marketed your business, but did you know you can also market yourself? The majority of job hunters now email resumes and cover letters to prospective employers. With an email marketing service, you can effortlessly manage the process of emailing job applications. You'll be able to easily send resumes to multiple contacts, as well as different (segmented) lists. You can also keep track of when you applied for jobs and schedule follow-up emails and thank-you letters to be sent after you've applied. This will allow you to write content in advance and save a lot of valuable time.

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